About Clinic

Sharnam Healing is a full-service interdisciplinary health clinic located in Hakikat Nagar, New Delhi. Our team provides comprehensive care for all of your health and wellness needs. Realizing that many factors affect health, including exercise, diet, and the environment, the team works with patients to achieve their health goals. We encourage people to follow a natural way of life and to help them activate their innate ability to fight diseases without drugs so that they do not suffer from preventable diseases.

We, at Sharnam Healing, are dedicated to treating the whole patient — mind, body, and spirit, and our patient-centric approach to care focuses on each patient’s needs, goals, and satisfaction. Our vision is to give our patients the best of care all in one place! We heal your body from the inside out with our services that will allow you to live a more fulfilling and active lifestyle. We assist patients to relax, relieve, and bring balance back to their life and body. With numerous people leading busy and hectic lifestyles, it tends to require its toll on your mind and body, which makes it hard to feel your best. We help restore that tranquillity and balance back to your life through our extensive range of wellness services.

Our highly qualified professionals share the same passion & interests and serve every visitor seeking good health with great dedication and commitment to quality healthcare services. Healthy active living is our priority and we are dedicated to treating people with natural healing techniques. The team of health care providers at Sharnam Healing is dedicated to delivering optimal, individualized care that is perfect for you. We offer a wide variety of therapies that are safe, natural, and non-surgical to help you manage sports injuries, ACL injuries, postural stress, weight management, height increase, and everything in between. 

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Medical Director of Clinic

Dr. Jatin Chaudhary

‘I believe in facilitating the self-healing process by combining a scientific and holistic health model that comprises one’s mind, body, and spirit.’  - Dr. Jatin Chaudhary.


Dr. Jatin Chaudhary is an Indian naturopathy and acupuncture specialist. Devoted alternative treatment therapy, he has helped many patients get over from their ailments using his deep understanding of human anatomy and knowledge of Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathy, etc.  Dr. Jatin Chaudhary offers treatment for a good sort of acute also as chronic ailments.

Treating sports-related injuries is Dr. Chaudhary’s specialty. He has treated many patients since he started his practice in 2002.  Dr. Jatin is acknowledged within the sports fraternity for his alternative healing methods that don't depend upon physiologically altering drugs or invasive surgical procedures. He has very well treated musculoskeletal ailments like ligament tissue injuries, sprains, strains, etc. He has helped recover various sports figures like Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, and Arjun Atwal.  Including the Indian Premier League (IPL), he has been a part of the medical panel of the many sports teams.

Dr. Jatin Chaudhary prides himself on providing patient-centered care and ensures your recovery program is meant specifically for you. Employing a combination of manual and exercise-based therapy, his approach is to reduce pain, while improving stability, strength, and flexibility. Dr. Jatin believes in informing the nature of your injury, in terms you understand, the available treatment options, and the likely recovery time. Manual therapy forms an essential part of his approach to curing most problems. 

Education & Work Experience

Dr. Jatin Chaudhary holds a Ph.D. in Herbalism, Nutrition, and Alternative medicines, an Honorary Ph.D. in Sports Medicines and is an MD at Acupuncture. He completed his Bachelors in Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, and Yoga. He also holds a Diploma in Panchkarma (Ayurveda) and Compound Homeopathy.

Starting his career in 2002 as a Physician cum Trainer at Khalsa College (Delhi University), Dr. Jatin Chaudhary then worked at Bishan Singh Bedi Cricket Academy, from 2003-2005. He was associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital during 2006 and 2007. He was appointed as a physician of the Indian Cricket Team in 2008 for India-Australia Series. Afterward, during IPL tournaments, he was a physiotherapist to Kings XI Punjab Team in 2009 and worked as a confidant for Mumbai Indians in 2010. Recently, he also was assigned to Sama Hospital, New Delhi as a Wellness Advisor. In 2020, he has been appointed as an Honorary Physiotherapist of PFWS Mission Olympics 2020 by Delhi Police. He's also delegated as Chief Physiotherapist for Delhi Football League. Moreover, Dr. Jatin Chaudhary has been appointed by the Golf Federation as Sports Injury Consultant.