Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a minimally invasive method to stimulate the nerve-rich areas of the skin surface in order to impact tissues, glands, organs, and various functions of the body. Research suggests that it can help alleviate pain, and it's used for a good range of other complaints. It is used for different kinds of pain, such as Abdominal pain, headaches, blood pressure problems, Back pain, Neck pain, muscle sprain, etc. Sharnam Healing has experts with vast experience to handle various health problems that can be treated by acupuncture.


Taking the human body as a whole, Naturopathy treats the root cause of a disease and not just the symptoms. Naturopathy treatments use natural methods that promote the body’s own ability to heal. At Sharnam Healing, Naturopaths focus on treatments based on natural forces, completely avoiding the use of surgery and drugs. Naturopaths aim to avert illness through stress reduction and bringing transformation to diet and lifestyle, denying the methods of symptomatic treatment of other systems. Everyone has his or her own unique set of symptoms and reactions which can, in turn, dictate the approach the naturopath takes to treat them. 


Physiotherapy is universally accepted as a primary care treatment in most of the physical pain-related conditions. In additional complicated cases, it is used alongside other treatments. It is one of the most effective treatment methods for treating and preventing pain and injury of various sources. The specific, purpose-driven exercises and manipulations can eliminate pain, strengthen muscles, prevent a recurrence, and improve bodily processes remarkably. Upon examination and diagnosis, our physiotherapists step in to treat specific complaints of the patients towards relief- the aim being always to revive optimal mobility of the suffering patients so on improve the standard of their life.


Fear and anxiety are often overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and youngsters. As an exercise, yoga is a natural way to improve mood and relax. Yoga is particularly helpful due to its gentle, calming, and fluid nature. It incorporates both meditation and controlled, physical movements that specialize in deep breathing, and stretching your body is effective for relieving the symptoms of depression, like sleep troubles, pain, and a loss of energy. Each pose is resilient, so people of all levels can practice. Sharnam Healing provides various procedures of yoga. Our instructors emphasize breathing, concentration, and smooth movement and encourage patients to focus on positive images to calm the body and mind. No matter which sort of yoga you select, you'll adapt the poses to fit your level.


People suffering from physical and psychological diseases can be helped by homeopathy in regaining their health. Since different people react to an equivalent illness in several ways, a homeopathy practitioner approaches patients in an exceedingly holistic manner. The physical, emotional, and mental or spiritual state of every person is considered intimately connected. At Dr. Jatin Chaudhary Clinic ( Sharnam Healing), we offer you a proven and result oriented classical homeopathic treatment. All types of chronic illnesses, except surgical cases, can take comfort from homeopathy. Acute illnesses can also be managed successfully. Here, treatments are “individualized” or tailored to each person.


When rejuvenation, cleansing, and nourishment becomes the ultimate necessity for the disorders in a human system, Ayurveda therapies help. To integrate the body, mind, spirit, and to balance the bodily principles, Ayurveda offers a wide range of natural therapies. Any therapy in Ayurveda works to restore the balance and encourages our immune system to find a cure for it. Any person with or without obvious signs of disease can take Ayurvedic therapies to clear the damage and tear of our ability in our day-day life. 

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